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Get to the Edge with Perfect Male Doll Buy Considerations and Selection Techniques

Get to the Edge with Perfect Male Doll Buy Considerations and Selection Techniques

Buying a male doll can be problematic if you cannot figure out where to get the perfect one that will satisfactorily match your taste and preference. Just like any other product you purchase on a daily basis, you need to take your time and settle on a doll that will give you value for your money. However, it may difficult to get the one you need at the convenience store near you but that does not mean you cannot get a male doll that will give you the best companion. Here are a few things you need to know that will accelerate your purchase time and help you make the best decision within the shortest time.

To begin with, male dolls exist in two major body types that is type A and B. This category is based on body weight. Type A male dolls weigh 95-100lbs while B weighs 90-95lbs and are made of same platinum silicone material making the adorable female dolls. Unlike the female dolls, male dolls have improved skeleton with advanced weigh reduction attribute that perfectly meet any of your weight needs.

The following are the major things to Consider before buying a Male Doll

· Body Type: As mentioned above body type can either be A or B

· Skin Tone: Male dolls come in different skin tone with a majority having tanned tone you can still check on the availability of other skin tones

· Eye Color: They do have different eye color some have blue, others teal green, blue grey among others.

· Wig color and style: either Brunette style or shaved

· Facial Hair: can be clean shaved or light beard stubble

· Penis size: come in medium and large

· Pubic Hair: shaved or full brunette

· Outfit : Vary depending on your selection, you can order different outfit from the ones displayed